Biochemistry Course Union

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The Biochemistry Course Union welcomes participation by students in all three of the Biochemistry streams at UBC, Okanagan campus.

News and Events

Please use the following links to access information of interest to students, such as Seminars, application deadlines and social events.

Biochemistry Program Streams

Biochemistry Management Committee

The Biochemistry program is an interdisciplinary program between the Biology and Chemistry Departments. 

For information on the Biochemistry program, please contact:

Biochemistry Faculty Program Advisors

Click here for the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences Program Advisor List

Biochemistry Professors and their Research

The following professors are involved in supervision, co-supervision or committee membership for students doing directed studies and honours research courses in Biochemistry.

Professors who Teach Various Courses

Click here for The University of British Columbia Course Schedule

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