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Forest and Mycorrhiza Ecology & Ecophysiology Research Group (FAME)

Recent Publications

Karst J, Marczak L, Jones MD, Turkington R. 2008. The mutualism-parasitism continuum in ectomycorrhizas: a quantitative assessment using meta-analysis.  Ecology (in press).

Jones MD, Twieg BD, Durall DM, Berch SM. 2008. Location relative to a retention patch affects the ECM fungal community more than patch size in the first season after timber harvesting on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.For. Ecol. Manage. 255: 1342-1352.

Campbell DB, Bulmer CE, Philip LJ, Zwiazek JJ, Jones MD. 2008. Incorporation of topsoil and burn-pile debris substantially increases early growth of lodgepole pine on landings. Can. J. For. Res. 38:257-267.

Twieg BD, Durall DM, Simard SW. 2007. Ectomycorrhizal fungal succession in mixed temperate forests. New Phytologist 176: 437-447

Dong S, Brooks D, Jones MD, Grayston SJ. 2007. A method for linking in situ activities of hydrolytic enzymes to associated organisms in forest soils. Soil Biol. Biochem. 39: 2414-2419

Teste FP, Karst J, Jones MD, Simard SW, Durall DM. 2006 Methods to control ectomycorrhizal colonization: effectiveness of chemical and physical barriers. Mycorrhiza 17: 51-65.

Campbell DB, Kiiskila S, Philip JJ, Zwiazek JJ, Jones MD. 2006. Effects of forest floor planting and stock type on growth and root emergence of Pinus contorta seedling in a cold northern cutblock.  New Forests. 32: 145-162

Grenon F, Bradley RL, Jones M, Shipley B. 2005. Soil factors controlling mineral N uptake by Picea engelmannii seedlings: the importance of gross NH4+ production rates. New Phytol. New Phytol. 165: 791-800

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Hagerman, SM, Durall DM. 2004 Ectomycorrhizal colonization of greenhouse-grown Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) seedlings by inoculum associated with the roots of refuge plants sampled from a Douglas-fir forest in the southern interior of British Columbia. Can. J. Bot. 82: 742-751.

Jones MD, Smith SE. 2004. Exploring functional definitions of mycorrhizas: are mycorrhizas always mutualisms? Can. J. Bot. 82: 1089-1109.

Kosala, K, Durall DM, Robertson GP, Dickman DI, Parry D, Paul E A. 2004. Resilience of mycorrhizal fungi on defoliated and fertilized hybrid poplars. Can. J. Bot. 82: 671-680.

Simard SW, Durall DM. 2004 Mycorrhizal networks: a review of their extent, function and importance. Can. J. Bot. 82: 1140-1165.

Jones MD, Durall DM, Cairney JWG. 2003. Tansley review: Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities in young stands regenerating after clearcut logging. New Phytol. 157: 399-422.

Simard SW, Jones MD, Durall DM, Hope GD, Stathers RJ, Sorensen NS, Zimonick BJ. 2003. Chemical and mechanical site preparation: effects on Pinus contorta growth, physiology, and microsite quality on steep forest sites in British Columbia. Can. J. For. Res. 33: 1495-1515.

Jones MD, Hagerman SH, Gillespie M. 2002. Ectomycorrhizal colonization and richness of previously colonized, containerized Picea engelmannii does not vary across clearcuts when planted in mechanically site-prepared mounds. Can. J. For. Res.32: 1425-1433.

Sakakibara SM, Jones MD, Gillespie M, Hagerman SM, Forrest ME, Simard SW, Durall DM. 2002. A comparison of ectomycorrhiza identification based on morphotyping and PCR-RFLP analysis. Mycol. Res. 106: 868-878.

Simard SW, Jones MD, Durall DM. 2002. Carbon and nutrient fluxes within and between mycorrhizal plants. In: Mycorrhizal Ecology, IR Sanders, M van der Heijden (eds). Springer Verlag, Berlin. pp. 33-74.

Bothwell KS, Prescott CE, Jones MD. 2001. Factors contributing to the superior growth and N nutrition of lodgepole pine compared to Sitka spruce on a N-poor cedar-hemlock cutover. Can. J. For. Res. 31:1272-1279

Hagerman SM, Sakakibara SM, Durall DM. 2001. The potential for woody understory plants to provide refuge for ectomycorrhizal inoculum at an interior Douglas-fir forest after clear-cut logging. Can. J. For. Res. 31: 711-721.

Durall DM, Jones MD, Wright E, Kroeger P, Coates KD. 1999. Species richness of ectomycorrhizal fungi in cutblocks of different sizes in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock forests of northwestern British Columbia: sporocarps and ectomycorrhizae. Can. J. For. Res. 29: 1322-1332.

Hagerman SM, Jones MD, Bradfield GE, Gillespie M, Durall DM. 1999a. Effects of clear-cut logging on the diversity and persistence of ectomycorrhizae at a subalpine forest. Can. J. For. Res. 29: 124-134.

Hagerman SM, Jones MD, Bradfield GE, Gillespie M, Sakakibara, S. 1999b. Ectomycorrhizal colonization of Picea engelmannii x glauca seedlings planted across cut-blocks of different sizes. Can. J. For. Res. 29: 1856-1870

Jones MD, Durall DM, Harniman SMK, Classen DC, Simard SW. 1997. Ectomycorrhizal diversity of Betula papyrifera and Pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings grown in the greenhouse or in single-species and mixed plots in southern British Columbia. Can. J. For. Res. 27:1872-1889

Simard SW, Perry DA, Jones MD, Myrold DD, Durall DM, Molina R. 1997a. Net transfer of carbon between ectomycorrhizal tree species in the field. Nature 388 : 579 - 582.

Simard SW, Perry DA, Jones MD, Durall DM, Myrold DD, Molina R. 1997b. Reciprocal transfer of carbon isotopes between ectomycorrhizal Betula papyrifera and Pseudotsuga menziesii. New Phytol 137: 529-542.

Simard SW, Durall DM, Jones MD. 1997c. Carbon allocation and carbon transfer between Betula papyrifera and Pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings using a 13C pulse-labeling method. Plant and Soil 191: 41-55.

Simard SW, Molina R, Smith JE, Perry DA, Jones MD. 1997d. Shared compatibility of ectomycorrhizae on Pseudotsuga menziesii and Betula papyrifera seedlings grown in mixture in soils from southern British Columbia. Can. J. For. Res. 27:331-342.

Extension Publications

Campbell DB, Jones MD, Kiiskila S, Bulmer C. 2003. Two-year field performance of lodgepole pine seedlings: Effect of container type, mycorrhizal fungal inoculants, and site preparation treatments. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 3(2):

Wiensczyk AM, Gamiet S, Durall DM, Jones MD, Simard SW 2002. Ectomycorrhizae and forestry in British Columbia: A summary of current research and conservation strategies. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 2: (1)

Jones MD, Kiiskila S, Flanagan AM. 2002. Field growth performance of primary or secondary needle lodgepole pine seedlings grown in Styroblocks™, Copperblocks™, or AirBlocks™. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 2 (1)

Swift K, Jones MD, Hagerman S. 2000. An initial look at mycorrhizal fungi and inoculum potential in high elevation forests. B.C. Journal of Ecosystems and Management 1: 1-6.

Jones MD, Durall DM, Harniman SMK, Classen DC, Simard SW. 1998. Ectomycorrhizal diversity of paper birch and Douglas-fir seedlings grown in single-species and mixed plots in the ICH zone of southern British Columbia. Extension Note 19, British Columbia Ministry of Forests Research Program, Victoria, B.C.

Wright E, Jones MD, Durall DM, Kranabetter JM, Wylie T, Kroeger P. 1997. The effects of timber harvesting on mushrooms and mycorrhizae of the Date Creek Research Forest. British Columbia Forest Service, Forest Sciences, Prince Rupert Region. Extension Note #25.

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