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Shufu Dong

Post Doctoral Research Associate,
Supervised by Dr. Melanie Jones

FAME - People_-_Shufu_DongMy research has been mainly on plant nutrition, root growth and function, root-soil relationship, soil management and soil fertility of fruit trees and other horticultural crops. Now I am extending my research to ectomycorrhizae fungi and forest soils.

The objective of my research is to increase nutrient use efficiency and reduce soil leaching loss by improving water and nutrient management practices. My research has demonstrated that 1) Initial spring growth of both nursery stock and apple trees in the orchard is mainly dependent on N reserves accumulated from the previous season; 2) Foliar urea application in the fall is effective for increasing N reserves and significantly improving the growth and fruiting of apple orchard trees during the following season; 3) Root N uptake by apple is delayed in early spring due to low soil temperature and relative inactivity of plant development, and therefore, early-season soil N application is not recommended; 4) Pear nursery trees are sensitive to high-concentrations urea fertilizer; 5) Application of N to the roots/soil promotes extension root growth and new shoot growth and delayed dormancy and hardiness of young apple trees whereas N application to the foliage promotes feeder root growth and has no effect on new shoot growth, dormancy and cold hardiness. Based on these findings, several soil management and fertilization practices were developed to maximize nutrient and water use efficiency. Some of the practices were adopted by the growers, including soil organic matter management, nutrient station-feeding technology, clay-brick fertilization, seep irrigation & fertilization, rhizosphere fertilization, and balanced fertilization.

Recently I have focused on soil enzyme activities and root growth in relation to ectomycorrhizal fungi colonization in forest stands which have experienced natural disturbances such as wild fires. I am developing assay methods to determine soil enzyme activities in in-situ conditions. The enzymes we are most interested in are degradative enzymes such as proteases, phosphatases, arylsulfatases, chitinases, etc. which play important roles in nutrient cycling.

Recent Publications (since 2001)

Shufu Dong, Denise Neilsen, Gerry H. Neilsen and Leslie H. Fuchigami. 2004. Foliar N application reduces soil NO3- leaching loss in apple orchards. Plant and Soil. (in press).

Shufu Dong, Lailiang Cheng, Carolyn Scagel and Leslie H. Fuchigami. 2004. N uptake, soil retention and loss of soil applied 15NH415NO3 in young Fuji/M26 apple trees with different N status. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology, 79 (3): 395-399.

Shufu Dong, Lailiang Cheng, Carolyn F. Scagel and Leslie H. Fuchigami. 2004. Nitrogen mobilization, nitrogen uptake and growth of cuttings obtained from poplar stock plants grown in different N regimes and sprayed with urea in autumn. Tree Physiology, 24:355-359.

Shufu Dong, Lailiang Cheng, Carolyn F. Scagel and Leslie H. Fuchigami. 2003. Root damage affects nitrogen uptake and growth of young Fuji/M.26 apple trees. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology. 78(3): 410-415.

Shufu Dong, Denise Neilsen, Gerry H. Neilsen and Michael Weis. 2003. A simple scanner-based root image acquisition technique for measuring roots on a rhizotron window. HortScience. 38(7):1385-1388.

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Shufu Dong, Carolyn F. Scagel, Lailiang Cheng, Leslie H. Fuchigami and Paul T. Rygiewicz. 2001. Soil temperature and plant growth stage influence nitrogen uptake and amino acid concentration of apple during early spring growth. Tree Physiology. 21: 541-547.

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