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Laura Biggs

MSc candidate, Biology, UBC O
Supervised by Dan Durall and Susan Murch

I began graduate studies at UBC Okanagan in January 2007 under the supervision of Drs. Daniel Durall and Susan Murch. I completed a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Developmental Biology and Chemistry at UBC Okanagan in April 2006. My primary research interest involves the role of mycorrhizas in endangered plants. In particular, I am focusing on mycorrhizas of the Wollemi pine, an ancient endangered conifer from Australia.  I am doing a series of inoculations with different mycorrhizal fungi in order to examine the effects on growth responses and phosphorus uptake of the plants. It may be the case that mycorrhizal fungi are the difference between survival and extinction of the remaining Wollemi pines in the wild.

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