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Forest and Mycorrhiza Ecology & Ecophysiology Research Group


Frann Antignano
NSERC USRA recipient

Bruce Campbell
M.Sc., Renewable Resources
University of Alberta

Dr. Shufu Dong
Research Associate, UBC O 
Supervised by Melanie Jones 

Michelle Gillespie
Research Technician

Shannon Hagerman
M.Sc., Botany, UBC Vancouver

Judith Hoogeboom
M.Sc. candidate
Catholic University of Nijmegen

Justine Karst
Ph.D., Botany, UBC V
Supervised by Melanie Jones and Roy Turkington

Alanna Leverrier
Undergraduate Researcher
Supervised by Dan Durall and Melanie Jones

Heather Peat
Ph.D. candidate, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Supervised by Melanie Jones and Rich Boone

Leanne Philip
Ph.D. candidate
Forest Sciences, UBC Vancouver

Fran├žois Teste
Ph.D. candidate, Forest Sciences, UBC V
Supervised by Suzanne Simard and Dan Durall

Brendan Twieg
M.Sc., Forest Sciences, UBC V
Supervised by Dan Durall and Melanie Jones

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