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Forest and Mycorrhiza Ecology & Ecophysiology Research Group



    FAME - Home_Page_ImageThe FAME research group comprises the students, post-docs and technicians working with Melanie Jones and Dan Durall at UBC Okanagan.

    We are conducting research on a number of aspects of ectomycorrhizal, fungal, and root physiology and ecology. We are especially interested in understanding the population and community structure of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities in forests and in the roles that these fungi play in plant nutrition. We are addressing these questions in forests undergoing succession following natural (wildfire) or anthropogenic (commercial harvesting) disturbances. We collaborate actively with members of the Belowground Ecology Group at the UBC Vancouver, as well as soil scientists, foresters, and tree physiologists in the southern interior of BC.

    FAME - Home_Page_Image 2Much of our work has focused on the impact of various kinds of silviculture on the make-up of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities, as well as the transfer of carbon belowground between neighbouring ectomycorrhizal trees. We use both molecular and morphological methods for identifying the fungal symbionts and are now beginning to use ISSR approaches to determine population structure as well. Although it is important to understand the community structure, it is even more important to understand how ectomycorrhizal fungi function in the field. We have just begun the challenging task of investigating ectomycorrhizal physiology in situ at a range of sites using a root window approach.  Currently we are using soil imprinting techniques to localize enzyme production by roots and fungi in soil.

    FAME is housed in the brand new facilities of the CFI-funded SARAHS centre.  We have state-of-the art molecular facilties, a root physiology lab and a soils lab.  We are currently applied for funds to build highly controlled greenhouse facilities together with a rhizotron on campus.  We also have access to an impressive array of analytical instruments in the same building as SARAHS.

    If you have questions about FAME or are interested in graduate work, please e-mail Melanie or Dan.

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