Forms and Procedures

Biology Graduate Program Forms and Procedures

  • Statement of Financial Commitment for Admissions - This form must be submitted on E-Vision when you accept the graduate student. 2 years of support at $17,500/year must be shown for a MSc applicant, and 4 years of support at $21,000/year for a PhD applicant. Students will not be allowed to be self-funded. Secured funding: Monies in this category are in hand and promised to the student.
  • Supervisory Committee Membership Form - Beginning: This form provides the communication for the supervisor to assemble a committee and having the committee approved by the Biology Graduate Program Committee.

Please contact Barb Lucente to obtain an electronic or hard copy of the following forms:  

  • Chairing PhD Comprehensive Exams
  • PhD Candidacy Exam Report Form - This form documents that a PhD student has taken a Candidacy exam and the outcome of that exam. The chair of the proposal defense (appointed by the Biology Graduate Program Committee) is responsible for completing this form.
  • PhD Comprehensive Examining Committee Membership Form
  • Procedures for Scheduling the MSc Defense and the PhD Dissertation
  • Research Proposal Approval Form - This form documents that a student's proposal is approved. For MSc, this should occur within 8 months; for PhD, within 12 months of degree initiation. NOTE: The appointment of a chair for a MSc Proposal Meeting is optional. A chair is required for a PhD Proposal Meeting.      

College of Graduate Studies Forms

Please see the College of Graduate Studies website for PhD related forms.

At the end of your program, complete the required College of Graduate Forms for your thesis defense.

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