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Soheil Mahmoud

Selected Publications

Sarker LS and Mahmoud SS (2015). Cloning and functional characterization of two monoterpene acetyltransferases from glandular trichomes of L. x intermedia. Planta, In Press.

Adal AM, Demissie ZA, and Mahmoud SS (2014). Identification, validation and cross-species transferability of novel Lavandula EST-SSRs. Planta 241(4): 987-1004

Erland AE, and Mahmoud SS (2014). An efficient method for the regeneration of lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia cv. Grosso). In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. – Plant 50:646–654

Sarker LS, Demissie ZA, and Mahmoud SS (2013). Cloning of a sesquiterpene synthase from Lavandula x intermedia glandular trichomes. Planta 238(5):983-989.

Demissie ZA, Erland AE, Rheault MR, and Mahmoud SS (2013). The biosynthetic origin of irregular monoterpenes in Lavandula: isolation and biochemical characterization of a novel prenyltransferase gene - lavandulyl diphosphate synthase.  JBC 288(9):6333-41.

Sarker LS, Galata M, Demissie ZA, and Mahmoud SS (2012). Molecular cloning and functional characterization of borneol dehydrogenase from the glandular trichomes of Lavandula x intermedia. ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY & BIOPHYSICS 528: 163-170. 

Baker J, Brown, K, Molcan E, Dai C, Makarenko S, Rajendiran E, Mahmoud SS, and Gibson DL (2012). Medicinal lavender modulates the enteric microflora to protect against Citrobacter rodentium-induced colitis. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY - GASTROINTESTINAL AND LIVER PHYSIOLOGY 303:G825-G836.

Demissie ZA, Cella M, Sarker L, Thompson T, Rheault M, and Mahmoud SS (2012). Cloning, functional characterization and genomic organization of 1,8-cineole synthases from Lavandula. PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 79(4): 393-411.

Lange BM, Mahmoud SS, Wildung MR, Turner GW, Davis EDM, Lange I, Baker RC, Boydston RA, and Croteau RB (2011). Improving peppermint essential oil yield and composition by metabolic engineering. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES USA 108(41): 16943-16948.

Demissie ZA, Sarker L, and Mahmoud SS (2011). Cloning and functional characterization of β-phellandrene synthase from Lavandula angustifolia. PLANTA 233: 685-696.

Woronuk G, Demissie ZA, Rheault M, and Mahmoud SS (2011). Biosynthesis and therapeutic properties of Lavandula essential oil constituents. PLANTA MED 77(1): 7-15.

Lane A, Boeckelmann A, Woronuk G, Sarker L, and Mahmoud SS (2010). A Genomics resource for investigating regulation of essential oil production in L. angustifolia. PLANTA 231: 835-845.

Biswas K, Foster AJ, Aung T, and Mahmoud SS (2009). Essential oil production: relationship with abundance of glandular trichomes in aerial surface of plants. ACTA PHYSIOLOGIAE PLANTARUM 31(1): 13-19.

Desautels A, Biswas K, Lane A, Boeckelmann A, and Mahmoud SS (2009). Suppression of linalool acetate production in Lavandula x intermediaNATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS 4: 1533-1536.

Falk L, Biswas, K, Boeckelmann A, Lane A, and Mahmoud SS (2009). An efficient method for the micropropagation of lavenders: regeneration of a unique mutant. JOURNAL OF ESSENTIAL OIL RESEARCH 21: 225 - 228.         

Lane A, Biswas K and Mahmoud SS (2008). Composition of essential oil from L. angustifolia and L. intermedia varieties grown in BC, Canada. NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS 3.8: 1361-1366.

Mahmoud SS, Williams M and Croteau RB (2004). Cosuppression of limonene-3-hydroxylase in peppermint promotes accumulation of limonene in the essential oil.  Phytochemistry 65: 547-554.

Mahmoud SS and Croteau RB  (2003). Menthofuran regulates essential oil biosynthesis in peppermint by controlling a downstream monoterpene reductase.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 100: 14481-14486.

Mahmoud SS and Croteau RB (2002). Strategies for transgenic manipulation of monoterpene biosynthesis in plants.  Trends in Plant Science 7: 366-373.

Mahmoud SS and Croteau RB (2001). Metabolic engineering of essential oil yield and composition in mint by altering expression of deoxyxylulose phosphate reductoisomerase and menthofuran synthase.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 98: 8915-8920.

Mahmoud SS, Wang S, Moloney MM and Habibi HR (1998).  Production of a biologically active novel goldfish growth hormone in Escherichia coliComparative Biochemistry And Physiology (Part B) 120: 657-663.

Mahmoud SS, Moloney MM and Habibi HR (1996).  Cloning and sequencing of the goldfish growth hormone cDNA.  General and Comparative Endocrinology 101: 139-144.

Mahmoud SS, Kermouni A, Wang S, Habibi HR and Moloney MM.  Production of recombinant common carp growth hormone in the seeds of Brassicanapus, Canola.  100% completed; awaiting publication.

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