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Soheil Mahmoud


I completed my doctoral work at the University of Calgary in the area of plant biochemistry and molecular biology.  My project centered on the production of vertebrate proteins (fish growth hormone) in plant seeds.  This work demonstrated that plants could be used as bioreactors for the production of large quantities of high-value proteins for pharmaceutical use and for aquaculture. 

After graduating, I joined the laboratory of Dr. Rodney Croteau (Washington State University) as a postdoctoral fellow to study terpenes (the largest class of plant natural products) in peppermint.  My research resulted in the improvement of the yield and quality of the essential oil (a mixture of mono- and sesquiterpenes) in this plant.

I joined UBC Okanagan (formerly Okanagan University College) in 2004 to initiate a research program in the area of plant natural products metabolism.  My first challenge was to develop research infrastructure and acquire modern equipment.  The construction of our facility (the CFI-funded Natural Products Laboratory) was completed in late 2005.  Research in my group focuses on the metabolism of isoprenoids in aromatic and medicinal plants.

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