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Soheil Mahmoud

Research Overview

Isoprenoids, or terpenoids, are the largest class of plant secondary metabolites, or natural products.  They have important ecological and physiological roles in plants as pollinator attractants, defensive agents, hormones and photosynthetic pigments.  Terpenoids tremendously influence our lives and have a significant impact on our economy. They impart health-promoting properties to fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants.  They are also extensively used in the manufacturing of medicines, cosmetics, pesticides and numerous other industrial products.

My research is concerned with the metabolism of isoprenoids in plants.  More specifically, we are interested in the molecular, cellular, biochemical and environmental factors that regulate the quality and quantity of aromas and essential oils produced by herbal and medicinal plants.  Current work focuses on identification, cloning and characterization of structural and regulatory genes that are involved in the biosynthesis, inter- and intracellular trafficking, secretion and storage of monoterpenes (the 10 carbon isoprenoids) in plants cells specialized for secondary metabolite production. One of our goals is to improve crop plants through plant biotechnology.

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Soheil Mahmoud2

Soheil S. Mahmoud

Associate Professor
Phone: (250) 807-8752
Fax: (250) 807-8830
Email: soheil.mahmoud@ubc.ca