Dr. Mary Forrest

MF_dnaTeaching Interests

Teaching Philosophy:

My goal is to encourage students to see learning as an ongoing process. Course content is designed to help them obtain the skills and knowledge needed to learn independently, and to encourage them to remain aware of current advances in biology and other related fields. In addition to the basics, such as theoretical knowledge and applied lab training, students are taught skills in critical thinking and problem solving. To ensure they receive this training I incorporate assignments into my courses that involve working on one or more of these skills. As students progress through their education these assignments become more complex and involve more in-depth use of such skills.

Courses of Special Interest:

I was hired to teach Biol 365 and 366 (Classical and Molecular Genetics) due to my training and expertise in that area. I have continued to teach these two courses over the past 20 years. I have written a custom course manual for both courses, to take the place of a more expensive textbook. This has allowed me to fine-tune the material to maximize my ability to teach the students, and show them how to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve complex genetics questions.

Courses Taught Recently:

BIOL 365 (3) Classical Genetics 
Fundamentals of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes and inheritance, Mendelian genetics, linkage and recombination, and gene and chromosomal mutations. [3-0-2]
Prerequisite: BIOL 200. BIOL 228 is strongly recommended.


BIOL 366 (3) Molecular Genetics
Stresses the principles of molecular biology techniques and their relevance to the study of all areas of biology. Gene expression, gene regulation, and development genetics. [3-0-0]
Prerequisite: BIOL 365.


BIOL/BIOC 493 (3) Biotechnology Laboratory
Current methods in biotechnology will be demonstrated, including the use of biotechnological techniques and tools in such areas as molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry. [0-6*-0; 0-6*-0]
Prerequisite: All of BIOL 366, BIOL 393.

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